Don’t get too excited when a VC says your idea is great and talks about funding – Abhinav Sahai, Niswey

Abhinav Sahai, Co-Founder of Niswey Digital Marketing, shares the experience of his earlier venture – – an idea that was amongst the top 10 products featured in NASSCOM’s Product Launch, 2011. Venture Capitalists approached him and talked a lot about funding. To his astonishment, the actual funding did not happen, the team was left stranded and the great idea couldn’t blossom.

Valentine Day Special – Should your Spouse join your Startup?

‘Choosing your co-founder can be like choosing your spouse’ is a famous saying in the world of entrepreneurship and startup community. On the similar lines, your spouse joining your startup as a co-founder or a core-team member, is often a topic of the table. If you are an entrepreneur, and your spouse often bothers you asking for your time, the article can be a good read to you. Caution – Try re-considering your thoughts at your own risk!

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