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Welcome to Indipreneur

The life of the entrepreneur... Fast paced...high energy...high tech...

Big ideas...big decisions...big stakes...big deals...

The freedom to test, try, and tinker.

You can choose where you work, when, and with whom.

You have the freedom to succeed...and the freedom to fail.

The opportunities are unlimited... So too the room for creativity.

Indipreneur is the ideal platform for independent creative entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs who follow their passion, listen to their inner voice, give expression to their skills and talents, and create unique enterprises.
India is on the brink of a creative revolution...

Never before have we seen so many divergent ideas become such huge and profitable businesses. Moreover, with the internet providing a plethora of opportunities, launching your own startup has never been easier.

At Indipreneur, you'll realise that entrepreneurship can be challenging, but if you focus on a few fundamentals, if you follow a step-by-step approach, you will take your idea to its logical conclusion - success!

Indipreneur Launchpad Course

About Indipreneur Launchpad Course

21 Days from Idea to Profit

The Indipreneur Launchpad Course has been designed and developed to aid entrepreneurs in their startup journey. This 21-day flexible and self-paced online course on entrepreneurship has been developed after extensive research and learning from more than 100 entrepreneurs.

The Indipreneur Launchpad Course has a simple and effective teaching style that highlights startup fundamentals and puts them in context for the entrepreneur-to-be. It provides ready templates and tools that you can further customise for your business.

Course Curriculum

A synopsis of what the course has to offer you in 21 days. Each topic covered is designed and developed with the view to help you kick start your venture and take it to success.

Indipreneur Launchpad Course


Module 1 - 2 - 3
Create Your Big Idea

Create Your Big Idea

Module 1
Know Your Business Fundamentals

Know Your Business Fundamentals

Module 2
Build And Promote Your Brand

Build And Promote Your Brand

Module 3

Meet the Course Creator

  • I must explain to you how all this mistaken idea of denouncing pleasure n

    Ritika Bajaj

    Editor, Common Sense Living

No one learns as much about a subject as one who is forced to teach it. - Peter F Drucker

Ritika Bajaj wasn't 'forced' to teach entrepreneurship. She chose it... Because she believes in the power of enterprise... She believes that developing an entrepreneurial mindset can help overcome limitations and provide ingenious solutions to aid the lives of many...

And that's why she conceptualised Indipreneur: to inculcate the entrepreneurial mindset - a way of thinking about and looking at the world that moves beyond what exists to new and better horizons.

Ritika is a writer-entrepreneur and brings to Indipreneur her unique understanding of how businesses work.

Resources: A Wealth of Ideas and Research

A bundle of ebooks and reports that elaborate on important aspects of the startup journey. These resources have within them ideas, tools and links to more resources, enabling in-depth research for any entrepreneur.


What people say about us

Great inspiring insights for us who are just starting out on this entrepreneurship journey. Good guide for the journey ahead. -


Valuable tips for budding entrepreneurs who have a hunger to excel and create a brand for themselves. -

R.K. Sharma

This would be worth reading for any new entrepreneur/investor to march forward in starting a new investment. -

Shyamal Dey Biswas

A good and tested guidance... Should help the beginners well -


Ritika, thank you for training me for proper use of social media -

Zahid Patka

Very timely and energizing article on entrepreneurship by an entrepreneur. Can't wait to enroll my son who will finish school in a few months and enrol myself also! -

S. Ravishanker

A great collection of articles... It reminds me of a quote, I want to share with you - Facts tell, stories sell. -

Anil Arora

I have been reading your articles and they have had a deep impact on me. This year I am turning 20 and your articles are making me active, aware and sorted. Thank you and keep up your sincere and honest writing efforts. -

Namrata Khosla

Superb. Couldn't be more simple. Clicking things at the right time, right place, right way. Worth reading and would thoroughly enjoy applying. -


Startup eSeries Blogs

A collection of essays that can inspire your startup journey. Some are authored by entrepreneurs themselves, some profile successful entrepreneurs, and others talk about important trends.

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