What happens when you don’t specify crisp and clear requirements? A lesson from Abhishek Bajaj, Camistri

Abhishek Bajaj, Aditya Bajaj and Ajay Kejriwal

Three childhood buddies – Abhishek Bajaj, Aditya Bajaj and Ajay Kejriwal, learnt the lesson the hard way. All of them come from traditional Marwari business families and more or less, share a similar background. They’ve all graduated from St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata and have qualified the intermediate level of Chartered Accountancy (CA) course. Besides, they have […]

Increase Business, Not Expenses – Get SMART! – Rohan Anil Bhatt, Square Consulting

Rohan Anil Bhatt

It is the ideal condition for any business to be able to generate more business without increasing the expenses incurred in its acquisition. Throughout history, it has been a controversy as to what constitutes a better strategy towards acquiring more business; whether it is being more aggressive in the marketing and advertising or going the long way (frankly, […]

Don’t get too excited when a VC says your idea is great and talks about funding – Abhinav Sahai, Niswey


Abhinav Sahai, Co-Founder of Niswey Digital Marketing, shares the experience of his earlier venture – Moneno.com – an idea that was amongst the top 10 products featured in NASSCOM’s Product Launch, 2011. Venture Capitalists approached him and talked a lot about funding. To his astonishment, the actual funding did not happen, the team was left […]