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Why We Exist ?

India – The next big thing in entrepreneurial world. Following this, Indian online space is crowded by success stories, but do they provide anything except Inspiration ? That’s why, we connect you with the journey of entrepreneurs – so you can learn from their experience & avoid common pitfalls.

Who We Are ?

Indipreneur – India’s first real learning portal for entrepreneurs and aspiring ones. We provide learning’s and experiences of real entrepreneurs to the aspiring entrepreneurs, plus building awareness about start-up products in their potential customers. Click here to share your experience.

Don’t get too excited when a VC says your idea is great and talks about funding – Abhinav Sahai, Niswey

Abhinav Sahai, Co-Founder of Niswey Digital Marketing, shares the experience of his earlier venture – – an idea that was amongst the top 10 products featured in NASSCOM’s Product Launch, 2011. Venture Capitalists approached him and talked a lot about funding. To his astonishment, the actual funding did not happen, the team was left stranded and the great idea couldn’t blossom.

Valentine Day Special – Should your Spouse join your Startup?

‘Choosing your co-founder can be like choosing your spouse’ is a famous saying in the world of entrepreneurship and startup community. On the similar lines, your spouse joining your startup as a co-founder or a core-team member, is often a topic of the table. If you are an entrepreneur, and your spouse often bothers you asking for your time, the article can be a good read to you. Caution – Try re-considering your thoughts at your own risk!

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Abhishek Tiwari

Abhishek Tiwari

CEO & Founder at BridgeSmart

There aren’t many companies working for projecting start-up stories, emphasizing the hardships & struggles even less so. Sometimes there is more to the negative side of a picture. A story of Bumpy ride is a story to tell. I wish all the luck to your team. Keep up!

Our Work is Appreciated By

Nikhilesh Tiwari, Helical IT Solutions

Nikhilesh Tiwari, Helical IT Solutions

Co-Founder at Helical IT Solutions

Team Indipreneur is doing an excellent work by not only giving start-ups a  platform to speak but also a place, where other entrepreneurs and  wannabe  entrepreneurs can learn a lot from the successes and failures of  others. I wish the  team immense success.

Rohan Bhatt, SquareConsulting

Rohan Bhatt, SquareConsulting

Founder, Square Consulting

It is really commendable of your team to start such a venture where people are motivated to start their own businesses and are given advice for the same.


Creativity is an Art, Not a Joke says Vijith Quadros, A Young Serial Entrepreneur

Creativity is an Art, Not a Joke. It is a serious job for creative entrepreneurs. All those who still think that creativity could not help you earn a good earning and living, please make a note – the times are changing. Many creative entrepreneurs now play a vital role in developing innovative business models. Vijith Quadros is one such young creative social element who does a whole lot of things apart from the things he is supposed to do.

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