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Ritika Bajaj
No one learns as much about a subject as one who is forced to teach it. - Peter F Drucker

Ritika Bajaj wasn't 'forced' to teach entrepreneurship. She chose it... Because she believes in the power of enterprise... She believes that developing an entrepreneurial mindset can help overcome limitations and provide ingenious solutions to aid the lives of many...

And that's why she conceptualised Indipreneur: to inculcate the entrepreneurial mindset - a way of thinking about and looking at the world that moves beyond what exists to new and better horizons.

Ritika is a writer-entrepreneur and brings to Indipreneur her unique understanding of how businesses work.

Ritika started her career after graduating with a masters in English literature. But her brushes with entrepreneurship began much earlier...when she sold handmade candles to stores near her home while in college.

During her seven years in the media, Ritika interviewed and met with some of the finest minds in India and wrote on a range of topics including business, lifestyle, travel, culture, and fashion. Her encounters with business tycoons such as Kishore Biyani, Gautam Singhania, Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, and Shekhar Bajaj gave her immense insight into how leaders think and manage their enterprises.

But then the entrepreneurial bug hit and she started her own venture - a design and content house focused on custom publishing. From understanding business development to creating a wide network of services providers, this startup taught her many valuable lessons on entrepreneurship.

At Common Sense Living, Ritika has been studying the startup sector and connecting with entrepreneurs from across India and the world. She shares her own ideas on entrepreneurship and the journeys of other entrepreneurs through her regular column, Startup eSeries.

After two years of extensively researching and connecting with entrepreneurs, Ritika decided to share her learnings in the form of a course. Thus was borne The Indipreneur Launchpad Course, which empowers entrepreneurs to start and grow their own business ideas in just 21 days.

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