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Indipreneur Launchpad Course

21 Days from Idea to Profit

Indipreneur Launchpad Course

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The Indipreneur Launchpad Course has been designed and developed to aid entrepreneurs in their startup journey. This 21-day flexible and self-paced online course on entrepreneurship has been developed after extensive research and learning from more than 100 entrepreneurs.

The Indipreneur Launchpad Course has a simple and effective teaching style that highlights startup fundamentals and puts them in context for the entrepreneur-to-be. It provides ready templates and tools that you can further customise for your business.

If you have been holding back your entrepreneurial dreams, the course will give you direction on what next steps to take.

It doesn't promise you millions in profits - that's something only your hardwork, luck and time can guarantee - but it will give you the tools to get started...

Additionally, the course provides a network of entrepreneurs to connect with and learn from through its forum. And once you decide to join the Indipreneur community, you can refer to its content for a full year after that.

So enroll for the course NOW...and avail of its many benefits!

What the course provides

The course provides three modules spread over 21 days of lessons packed with engaging, informative, and actionable content.

The three modules in the course are:

  1. Create your business idea
  2. Know your business fundamentals
  3. Build and promote your brand

Some of the lessons in these modules include:

  1. Developing the entrepreneur's mindset
  2. Understanding innovation in business
  3. Developing and testing your business idea
  4. Finding the ideal workspace
  5. Creating a super pitch & business plan for investors
  6. The essentials of branding and marketing
  7. Promoting your business through social media
  8. Using videos and podcasts to grow your tribe

Other value-adds of the course

Tasks for each day: Each day you will not only learn about a new concept, but you will also put that lesson into context with relevant tasks provided by the course creator. The tasks serve to keep your own business in mind throughout your studies.

Resources: A bunch of detailed reports come along with the course. These reports have been created to assist you in your knowledge of particular topics. These can be downloaded and read at leisure.

Additionally, each lesson is accompanied with reading resources and videos that further explain the concepts.

Forum: An online chat forum connects you with other like-minded entrepreneurs. This free forum is available for you to engage with other Indipreneurs... You can post questions, start discussions, or even arrange meetups and co-working sessions.

Who is the course designed for?


Yes, if you have an entrepreneurial dream, this course is for you... If you dream of escaping your 9-5 job, earning supplementary income, or simply wanting to make an impact on the world, this course is for you... Age, sex, caste no bar!

Every individual has a right to start a profitable business... Exercise that right!


If you love an action-packed life... If you can deliver on time...If you can work like a machine and then some more...entrepreneurship is for you... And so is this course.

Entrepreneurship is hardwork. Get ready to give all you got!


Can you work in a team and include others in your vision? Can you delegate and inspire others to grow with you?

Entrepreneurship is about collaboration and delegation... You can't build business empires solo!


Perhaps you're spearheading a project in an organisation, or you're in a leadership position that demands you think creatively and differently... Discovering new ways of thinking can open up many possibilities and solutions you never knew existed.

Think like an entrepreneur wherever you are by developing the entrepreneur's mindset!

What will you achieve

At the end of the course, you will get:

  • Clarity on your business idea
  • Tools for testing your idea in a marketplace
  • Pointers to define your company's vision and mission statements
  • Strategies to start your business
  • Ideas to market and promote your business
  • A business plan for investors
  • An in-depth introduction to the startup world
  • Challenges of being an entrepreneur and how to deal with them
  • Inputs from other entrepreneurs